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"The greatest way to reconnect is to disconnect." -Benji

Overland Rig with Sunrise

Budget Overland

A community driven network that focuses on sharing stories and experiences with beginners and pros a like.  It's very easy to go down the "overland rabbit hole".  Buying gear you think you need vs buying gear you could actually use.  I see it over and over.  People buy something then turn around to only list it on marketplace for a loss. Education and experience are key! I think a lot of people are overwhelmed with all the options that are available.  They also may be too embarrassed to ask.  That should never be a concern.  This is one on the best communities out there!

Whether you’re a seasoned overlander or just getting started.  Overlanding is for everyone! 


What to Expect

Budget Overland is a community that can help you get started or hone your overloading skills even further.  Learn from fellow adventurers.  Plan your next exploration.  Connect with other overlanders.  

Sunset with Campfire


Educate yourself before going out!

How to choose legal trails?

How to pack and what to pack?

How to properly dispose human waste? 

How to safely recover a vehicle?

How to handle an off-grid emergency?

How to pack out trash?

These are just a few examples of things people need educated on.

Truck by Waterfall


Exploration is in our DNA. Some like remote places and others just a change of scenery.  Planning your adventure starts with knowing where you can and con not go.  BLM and National Forrest's are great places to seek an off-grid adventure.  Although getting your family involved may take some time. There is no shame in staying at paid campsites to get everyone familiar with camping out of your vehicle. Plus, showers are nice!

Off-Road Travel


Connecting with others who share a passion for overlanding is easy and fun. Our Budget Overland Facebook group, overland events and local gatherings are an easy way to meet fellow overlanders! Remember, in order to make friends, make yourself friendly!


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